Section 1: Administrative Information

  • ChicagoYelpInspection

  • C428

  • ChicagoYelpInspection allows a user to search Yelp for the best 10 restaurants near a location. The results are presented along with the Chicago Health Inspection data for that restaurant.

Section 2: Problem That Is Solved

  • Many diners go to restaurants without knowing the health inspection history. Many diners also consult Yelp to find good places to eat. ChicagoYelpInspection takes both of these into account and allows a diner to find good restaurants and ensure the restaurant has been following health codes. The app uses data from

Section 3: Intended Audience

  • Anyone who uses Yelp and is concerned with food safety.

Section 4: Unique Features of the App

  • The app is really pretty simple. It makes use of the Yelp API to find restaurants in Chicago. This data is cross referenced with Chicago Health Inspection Data stored in a relational database and then presented to the user. The results include hyperlinks to the Yelp pages for each restaurant and shows the health inspection history for each restaurant if available. For failed and passed w/ conditions results, a link to the inspection data is provided so users can see the specific violations.

Section 5: Availability