Section 1: 
If you are in a hurry it provides directions using google maps and cta api. If you would ride the cta in the future it will notify you via push notification when a bus is near by. Future updates will include an AR view to track the location of the all nearby buses in Augmented reality using your camera.

Section 2: Problem That Is Solved
It uses the CTA API to notify when a bus is close to you 10,15 or 30 mins so you don't have to wait on the treacherous weather or be to late to catch the bus. but if you are in a hurry and you don't know the area it provides you with you with a trasit instructions.

Section 3: Intended Audience
Its for all people that are familiar and unfamiliar with the cta buses.
Section 4: Unique Features of the App
Push notifications, and two modes of use for those in a hurry and for those who are familiar but don't want to stay out waiting or missed  entirely.

Section 5: Availability