App Name: Rack Chicago

AppID: P812 - Rack Chicago was conceived for individuals with a “Green Mentality” or environmentally concerned. Specifically, this “Green App” will benefit bikers by providing bike racks available near them.

Problem Resolution:

Problem: People who bike in Chicago or major cities have a hard time finding bike racks near them for their bicycle. While It is possible that folks are already aware of bike racks location, but unaware of availability. Rack Chicago will provide quick access to information about bike Racks around them.

Solution: This app is a very simple solution. It computes current location and starts fetching the bike rack information from City Of Chicago data portal. It then shows you a map with the help of pins. The pins will also display a number which will provide us information about how many racks are installed at that location.

In addition, search address functionality is implemented to search an address and display racks around that location if any. Last but not least, it uses a wonderful feature called Augmented Reality (AR) to superimpose the Rack information on the Camera feed using your smart phone. Currently, it only displays the number of racks installed at a particular location around you.

Intended Audience

The intended audience for the app is the people of Chicago who are using the bicycle daily and helping Chicago to turn green.

Unique Features

The app has a user-friendly interface with a simple design for the optimum user experience. It is intuitive with intent to be used by anyone, anywhere and at any time. Albeit, an Internet connection is required.

This initial version is using the GPS location for the City of Chicago. Rack Chicago also uses gyroscopic sensor, Compass and Camera for Augmented Reality.

Future features will entail live provision for racking, un-racking the rack to see racks availability.


This app is currently available in the Windows Store, the URL to the app is

The app is currently in development for IOS and Android. It will be available shortly.