App name: CHIVOTE

ApplID: Y212

CHIVOTE is an app to help out the people of Chicago when Election Day comes to give them more knowledge and background info on who they are electing to manage the city we live in. ;

Section 2: Problem That Is Solved

I am solving a very basic problem. I am allowing users to quickly and easily gain access to information on people who are running for office in Chicago. With my app users will no longer have to blindly vote they will have a wider understanding of the candidates that are running. Also people won’t have to spend time looking through many different websites trying to find information on candidates. My app will achieve its goals by providing easy and simple guide to understanding the candidate that’s running by providing legitimate information and quick and easy access to it. I have used Chicago’s data on mayors, Treasurers, and clerks.

Section 3:

My intended audience is Chicagoans that are eligible to vote. Also future voters because my app can help them understand who is in office. All my data will be used to help both voters and candidates. Candidates will soon be able to see what voters want and agree with and candidates can work alongside with voters by coming to an understanding by discussing more about the issues that are brought up.

Section 4:

Some unique features my app has is that it’s easy to use and has the potential to have a lot of legitimate information. It’s all simple there’s no need to be a genius to use it. You click what you want and you learn as you click.

Section 5:

As of now my app is available for android users.

This is my start up screen users will first see this when the app is launched. Then they will click “click here to begin”

It will then take them here. This is where they’ll be able to see the offices up for election they’ll be able to choose from a variety.

Once they choose the office they want to learn about they’ll see a list of candidates that are running for that position. They’ll be able to click the candidate of their choice to see information on him/her.

After they click on their desired candidate they’ll see information on that candidate. They’ll see their candidates’ views on poverty, jobs, healthcare, etc. they’ll be able to go back to the beginning to select different offices or candidates with the back button.